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Be aware before taking an appointment in our structure:

  • Our clinic does not do deliver French/European passports for animals coming from abroad;
  • Our clinic does not do information transfer from international official papers into French/European official papers;
  • Our clinic does not do rabies vaccinations for animals coming from abroad;
  • Our clinic is authorized to do only health medical care for small animals and tape worm treatments;

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Please note: The application for making online appointments, complies with the GDRP standards in force looking at the security of the personal data of its users. All information is strictly used to make online appointments on the website of the Fort Veterinary Clinic, without sharing data to third parties or being used for other purposes of any kind.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

For emergencies, please call:

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Fast, simple and at any time of the day, you can make an online appointment at our clinic!


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